West Midlands Police Dogs have been protecting the lives of the public & their fellow officers since ‘Kim’ & ‘Flash’ were recruited to the Force in 1951. Since then Police Dogs have played an important & vital role in locating criminals, finding evidence & ultimately protecting & serving their local communities.

During their career, which lasts on average 8-10 years, those courageous Police Dogs often suffer knee, leg & back problems whilst performing their community duties. Although they are treated & cared for at the time, these injuries can very often shorten their life span & usually require further ongoing medical attention long after they retire.

All Police Dogs, like their handlers, will at some point have to retire, whether this is due to reaching their retirement age or as a result of an illness or injury sustained whilst protecting our communities. Most retired Police Dogs will retire to their handler as a family pet; however in some cases there may be a requirement to re-home a retired Police Dog to a kind adopting family.

The Retired WM Police Dog Benevolent Fund was created to try to assist handlers & adopters of retired Police Dogs. The fund will help to cover the cost of major or ongoing treatment & care of retired West Midlands Police Dogs.

Once a dog has retired from active Police Dog duty, their care & ongoing treatment becomes the sole responsibility of their handler or adopter. Families who take on Retired Police Dogs receive no financial assistance.  It is not, at present, possible to insure these courageous dogs & therefore the cost of such care & treatment can soon mount up.

The Retired WM Police Dog Benevolent Fund aims to ensure that all retired West Midlands Police dogs enjoy the retirement they deserve, with the highest levels of ongoing medical care & treatment. Hopefully any heart wrenching decisions about the dog’s future will not come down purely to the financial considerations.

All of our support and assistance to those fine retired Police Dogs comes via donations from our sponsors and kind members of the general public; who all recognise the fantastic service our loyal Police Dogs gave to our local communities.

Please take the time to read through our Retired WM Police Dog Benevolent Fund area. Any donation, whether it’s financial or another means, is very much appreciated & welcomed.

Through all of our fundraising efforts & as creators of the Benevolent Fund, we are doing it for the dogs.