Get Involved

Monetary donations are sometimes difficult to make, we understand that, however there are many ways you can positively help the Retired WM Police Dog Benevolent Fund. We are always looking for help & for people to become involved.

There are many ways in which you can help support the Retired WM Police Dog Benevolent Fund, either through monetary donations or by supporting the fund in other ways. Very often giving your time, services or expertise is just as valuable as monetary donations.

Products & Services . . .

We are always looking for people & companies who can offer their support. You can help the fund through providing the following types of services:-

Printing Services – promotional material, signs, banners, flags
Event space – meeting rooms, outdoor areas, marques
Donation products – collection boxes, buckets, leaflet holders
and many more . . . .

Donate Your Time . . .

We understand that donating money is sometimes difficult, very often it is also a difficult choice deciding which fund to support. It is still possible to positively influence and contribute towards a fund, without the need for you personally making a monetary donation.

You are able to positively help the Retired WM Police Dog Benevolent Fund in many ways, including:-

Donate your time & complete a challenge on behalf of our fund
Organise & host a fundraising event
Networking, PR & promotion of the fund
Place a collection bucket/box in your premesis
and many more . . .

Monetary Donations . . .

Ultimately the Retired WM Police Dog Benevolent Fund relies on the monetary donations it receives to survive & for the fund to help our Retired Police Dogs. Together we can enrich the lives of our Retired Police Dogs & take away the financial strain handlers very often experience.

There are many ways our supporters can help & donate to our fund. Every penny really does count & there is no such thing as a ‘small donation’. No matter the size or frequency, every single penny of a donation goes towards assisting our loyal, brave & honourable Retired Police Dogs.

Here are the ways you can support our fund & donate:-

Just Giving

Our Just Giving site is open & available to accept one off donations either online or via text

Regular Support

We are able to accept Standing Order in order for you to help support our Retired Police Dogs. The standing order is completely flexible & can be stopped at any time. Download your standing order form here . .

Support via Cheque

We know people still prefer using cheques & feel safer making a donation in this way. Therefore you can send your cheques made payable to ‘Retired WMPD Benevolent Fund’
Send to: Retired WMPD Benevolent Fund, 45 Westmead Drive, Oldbury, West Midlands, B68 8QB

Give As You Earn

Give as You Earn is a scheme that enables you to donate to any UK charity straight from your gross salary (before tax is deducted) meaning that you receive immediate tax relief.

Simply ask your Payroll Department if they already operate a Give as You Earn scheme and, if so, how you sign up. Just fill in the Give As Your Earn form here. . .

Legacy Donations

Losing a loved one is an extremely difficult time. Many people like to donate on behalf of a lost loved one or via their own will. It is therefore possible to leave a legacy & donate to our fund via your will.

We always advise that you see a solicitor to help you draw up, or amend, your Will.